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National Indoor Cricket League Mid-series Fun Facts!

The Indoor Cricket League that is underway threw some fun facts towards the end of the league stage.  The indoor league, that is being played by the rules set by World Indoor Cricket Federation, is different from the regular cricket rules. Here are some of the fun facts:

  •  There have been only two maiden overs so far
  • Incidentally, Raman Tanwar (Indians Blue) took 4 wickets in just two consecutive deliveries (double hat-trick, a rare feat) making it a maiden wicket over
  • Raman Tanwar ended up with Best Bowling Figures so far-: 4/0 runs 3
  • Sarfraz (MIB) scored maximum runs scored off a single delivery – he hit 6 runs of a noball and the batsmen ran 3 runs ( 2+6+3), making it the the only double digit runs scored of a ball so far
  • Sarfraz (MIB) is also leading the batting stats way ahead of others with his hitting ability, time for others to catch up !
  • Bowlers Blitzkrieg: Bowlers went on a rampage during the Toyo Engineering vs MIB match, which saw an amazing 16 wickets in 12 overs. The only batsman who survived in that match to score double digit was Ashish Neve (Toyo Eng.) – he was the highest scorer of the match scoring 13 and retired not out. Rest of them were out once or more
  • There were two incidents of double-play – one by Nippon Tigers against Alpha Quasher and the other was by Tokyo Bullz against Indian Engineers

Come and watch the game! It is different!!

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